Specifications of the Aluminum Sectors:
The Aluminum sectors is characterized by segments of aluminum that is strong, flexible and multi-where it is available to serve more than one sector in terms of certain coverage of bodies.
The processing sectors is formed from Couch particular to isolate water and dust this Couch is designed in order to install rubber within and produced with high quality of raw materials so as not to be affected by different weathers.

Specifications of Polycarbonate Sheets (Allexon):
It is characterized by solid sheets of Allexan as not to break in anyway, regardless of the of use model it canít break even if knocked by a hammer because it is:
  • Stronger than the glass to 250 times.
  • Stronger than glass Albulksy 30 times.
  • It is also easy to clean and does not help on the ignition.
  • It is also characterized by:
    Weight: Its weight does not reach half the weight of the glass.
    Color: Multiple colors has been produced of plates Allexan ; milk-mismatch White, Blue and oral] has been also produced the [Green, magenta, yellow, and black,] in accordance to the needs of large enterprises and the amount of not less than 250 m2
    Shape: The sheets of Allexan is available in many shapes there are:
  • Transparent as glass
  • Granulated, as in the Old English Glass
  • The vacuum [a nerve between the two thin layers anchored repeated]
  • The Curly shape.
  • Thickness: The plates polycarbonateís thickness is two types:
  • Sheets polycarbonate solid thickness begins from 1.5 mm to 12 mm.
  • The polycarbonate panels circle where thickness begins From 4.5 mm to 36 mm.
  • Sizes: A plate of polycarbonate solid settlement area of uniform size, a 2.05 m ◊ 3.00 m.
  • For boards polycarbonate circle Mqasan the first settlement area of 2.10 m ◊ 5.80 m
  • And the second 1.25 ◊ 5.80 m and Sizes can be produced especially for the large quantities as I have already made clear in the property of color.