About Us
Designs of homes, shopping malls, factories and facilities have changed as a result of economic prosperity and the spread of the manifestations of a comfortable and luxurious life growing desire of the majority of people. In the past, buildings were mud and stone designed to let the light of the sun enter, gently through the small windows at the top of the house, either to warn the coming of a new day or to help the housewife to see the inside of the house to be able to complete their work without having to ignite the lamp and pay more money for the purchase of fuel.
Today, it is the natural light Sky Light shape a new and broader concept than ever before, Illuminated natural homes allow sunlight to enter, making the home healthier and deepen the sense among its occupants comfortable and calm, also it saves electricity during the day. If the question of the provision of electricity consumption is not a big thing for homes and residential buildings, it certainly is something significant for large plants and shopping malls and this significantly reduce electricity bills.
On the other hand the aesthetics of this method of lighting cannot be out looked. Through the types of coverage of different slots heavenly facilities, these coverage take forms very magnificence and beauty and add aesthetic touches to large installations at home and abroad, as well as the possibility to add certain types of decoration, graphics and colors for these coverage to suit the interior of a building so that this coverage is a wonderful painting and useful at the same time.
ARCHITEC is an egyptian saudi co. established in 1998 specialized on the following:
1. Fixed and Automated skylights.
2. Aluminum / glass curtain walling.
3. Steel framing light construction.
4. Aluminum caddling.
5. Stained glass and colored glass for decoration domes and roofs.
ARCHITEC has developed a wide range of skylight designs for neomerous various application
1- Wide span roof light.
2- Pyramid skylights.
3- Curved glazing including curved curtain walling.
4- Domes skylights.
5- Space frame skylights.
Remote controlled, motorized opening are available for skylights & pool canopies.
Most of our products are produced in our factory in Cairo using up-to date computerized technology at each step of fabrication ( machining - notching - drilling - bending,.....)
We have a well-trained team have more then 10 years of experience.
Quality granteed
All of our products meet in ternational standards according to BS 6375 , BS 6496 & the Alum. prefiles to BS 1474 , Weather gaskets to BS 4255.